The First Self Repaying & Play to Earn Land NFT in Crypto

  • Get stable coins as passive income forever
  • Earn $CityGold by plotting your game strategy
  • Get Rewards Every Second!
  • Whitelist for limited edition Taxi and Land NFTs

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Taxi Gaming Play to Earn NFT


Taxi Gaming is a Land NFT based Play to Earn, self repaying and stimulating taxi game that generates stable coin along with our native token - $CityGold. Players buy Taxis or City Land NFT with a common goal to earn more through different game strategies. As the game progresses, you can form guilds to strategically attack others to multiply your earnings. The game will always be exciting with unpredictable scenarios!

Taxi NFT holders earn as passengers ride in a city. City Land NFT holders earn with tax collected on the Taxi rides.

Your rewards from NFT

T.a.x.i Gaming

Taxi NFTs drive on a City Land NFT and earn passive income. City Land NFTs taxes the Taxi NFTs and earns well!

  • Innovative Dual Rarity NFT Mechanism for deflationary token mechanics
  • Engaging competitions for passive and immersive players.
  • Scarce City Land NFTs with dynamic taxation, population increasing and combat mechanisms.
  • Coordination mechanisms with your guild to be the top earning Taxi and City land NFT.

Why Taxi Gaming?

Generate native and stable income passively and earn multifold while actively playing.

Play the world’s first Dual Rarity Strategy Game Fight, Defend, Conquer, Earn Fight, Defend, Conquer, Earn


Taxi NFT

10,000 Taxi NFT with an ever increasing (S Bonding Curve) mint price to reward early investors. The NFT holder can drive taxi in city of their choice and earn Crypto


Earn $CityGold by staking Taxi & City NFTs. Improve your daily $CityGold earnings by leveling up your NFT. Use your $CityGold wisely to beat the competition and be the richest Taxi & City NFT holder


Convert $CityGold into $Stable USD to increase the rarity of your NFT and combat with other NFT holders to increase your profits. You can also cash out $EUSD for $BUSD coin, when you wish to take out some profit.

City NFT

1,000 City NFT with an ever increasing (S Bonding Curve) mint price to reward early investors. Host, Attract and Retain Taxi NFTs to collect a flat tax of your choosing. You control your earning, Tax too much and your neighbouring City will poach all your Taxis. Expand your city to increase rewards for your taxis. Attack, Defend and Sabotage Neighbouring Cities to become the Wealthiest Land NFT.

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